Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nail spam of the blue, purple, near naked and fall variety

China Glaze - Raggae to Riches

China Glaze - Grape Pop

A dark blue that doesn't look black ... yea!
NYC - Pier 17

OPI - Bubble Bath ... Um yea hi sexy nails.
Just 2 coats.

Essie - Masquerade Belle  ... SV thank you for giving me convulsions. 

Revlon - Valentine ... Rawr!

This guy has a rusty quality to it. The copper color that you see on the inside of that light reflection actually dominates. 
Freaking awesome.
Essie - Urban Express


  1. Ooh, I like Reggae to Riches. That's hot stuff.

  2. ahhhhhhh Essie Urban Express is so freaking sexy looking on you!

  3. I love Raggae to Riches! Have seen it before, but your pic really makes it pop nicely, will have to keep my eye out for a bottle now :]

  4. Ok, I need Bubble Bath. Your nails look amazing (what's new? ^^)!

  5. Am dying for Essie Urban Express! Thats freakin awesome!

  6. Love your nails! Urban Express is the best <3

  7. These colors are all beautiful ! :D

  8. Nomnomnomnom your nail spam is yummier than mine by a long shot! Gorgeous. <3

  9. I seriously covet your nails.

  10. Essie Masquerade Belle is so, so pretty!
    Love your nail shape <3

  11. I need me some Bubble Bath!! And Raggae to Riches, and Urban Express is not one I would pick up based on the bottle color, but it's absolutely stunning!

  12. Your nails are insane. In a good way!

  13. Bubble Bath is one of my favorites <3

  14. I can't decide which of these I like more, Masquerade Belle is worth mentioning as a new one on my wish list

  15. Raggae to Riches and Masquerade Belle=amazing! They are going on my wishlist now!

  16. @Elizabeth - The ring finger is available for rent. :P

    @Laura - It gets an "ooo la la" from me as well.

    @Deborah - Its freaking amazing, love it.

    @cideon - Thanks! You should be able to find it easily.

    @AmyGrace - It would look so amazing on your already perfect nails!!!

    @Fingers - It is! :D

    @Boruvk_a - *Hugs. Thanks!

    @Toyomi - I am happy you liked them!

    @Nicole - oh stop. All spam is delicious, but I just like to eat :D

    @Sinead - Awww thanks! ... and I covet your picture taking skills.

    @Sarah B. - Omg it's awesome, color AND formula. Thanks Sarah, you're sweet!

    @Angie - You know I took a chance with Urban Express because I wasn't sure how the copper would go with my skin tone, but I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!

    @Helga - :D haha, love that!

    @rijah - It's so simple yet chic :D

    @Solveig - Thanks pretty girl!

    @hermetic - If you like dark jellies you will love it!

    @Eat.Sleep.Polish - You will not be disappointed!

  17. Love your nails toooo much~! Jealous. Lemming bubble bath hard....have only found the pinky one. Blergh!!!

  18. Oh yeah......Masquerade Belle - now THAT'S what I'm talking about!! Looks awesome on you, my friend!! Thanks for the just know that I can never get enough of looking at polish...especially when it's stunning swatches like yours!!

  19. They all look so nice, but blue is my favorite. It's just so pretty!

  20. @Mel, Glassflecked. - Awww thanks! I don't even know which Bubble Bath that is. I have pretty pale nail beds so who knows it may even be the pink version. - isn't Masquerade Belle one sexy beast!? I love it :D

    @Sandra - I love it too, and that you can actually see blue in all lights.

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of the Bubble Bath polish....looks incredible on your nails!

  22. Thanks Lauren! That's one of my hubbies faves too :D

  23. Valentine is one of my all time favorite reds! Thank you so much for posting it!