Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's EAT!

I said before that I like to eat, but I have yet to post anything about it. I have things planned in my mind, but these things take time mainly because the pic's are on another computer and I keep forgetting about it.

Over the holiday I went downtown to eat .... all day long. Walk, eat, walk, eat, walk eat, you get the picture. Here is a summary of the deliciousness. I have to preface by saying in the beginning the hunger over took me and I ate before taking pictures, so sorry for the bite marks and crumbs in advance.

We were originally going to go to a place in Eastern Market. Well, apparently they decided to move and neglected to leave a sign saying they were across the street. Okay, maybe we were dumb for not noticing the place across the street, but we ended up going to a way better place one block down. Their loss.

We went to a place called: le pain quotidien
I got the cheese/fruit spread with a crap load of delicious bread. I've had fresher cheese in my day, but the bread was TO DIE FOR.

I also got some soup. The soup was fresh, made that morning (from what the lady told me), but when it comes to soup, maybe day old soup is better, otherwise it tasted like water. Oh well.

The coffee was bomb diggity; random thought: that word reminds me of Blackstreet and makes me feel old. 

My "lover" had french toast.  It was pretty delicious.

Some lady was coughing up a lung for a good part of our meal, that was disturbing, but probably more embarrassing for her since everyone kept looking at her which made her choke on her food further. Weird.
Next stop: Coffee!
We went to a small little coffee shop in (literally) a hole in the wall called: Filter
(it's too bad I didn't take a picture, dang it!)

My lover was a total douche and let the barista order for him.  I got a double espresso.  Cool place, Good coffee.

A Greek place called Zorba's Cafe near Dupont Circle.
I got a kabob dish and tabouli on the side. My lover got a Yero and a salad (obviously Greek). It all came with bread, which after le pain was a pain to eat, so I didn't.

Maybe it was my hungry tummy, but the food was great .... and cheap, usually that combo is hard to find together.

Happy Hour and Dinner: 
Both took place at Ten Penh
No pictures of happy hour sorry, but there was lots of beer flowing I assure you. So much so, the boy was even more douche like here and let the waiter order for him; okay, it wasn't the douchee-ness rather the drunkenness.  Crap now that I think of it, we got an appetizer, but the brain cells have been fried and can't think of it ... not even after looking at the menu online, Big ol' Dang!  Anyway, the boy got Sea Bass. He was satisfied, but didn't care for the nuts.

I got the Spice Crusted Tuna with Fried Calamari. It was okay.  Tuna was nice, but had way too much sauce.  Calamari was cooked nicely, but again too much crap-sauce. I could have done without the 3 cups of peanuts either. Thank goodness I was hammered so I could get some joy out of this dish.  I suspect the boy's dish would not have been as good either. 
Okay completely unnecessary, but for once I was not in a chocolate mood, which wouldn't have mattered anyway because they didn't have it.  Instead, we got a plum wine and pear Saki. Funny Disturbing how I remember the alcohol.
We got a nice combo, one was sweet the other sour. Very Yummy.

I would not come here again, unless it was for the beer.

Overall a good day, can't wait to do it again.


  1. lmao glad that you had a good time! The last line made me laugh :P

  2. Now that im hungry after reading this post!!

  3. Ahh that sounds like such a heavenly day. Especially the finding cheap, yet delicious DC, that's like finding a unicorn.

    And even though I'm deathly afraid of alcohol, pear sake sounds so delicious...would that happen to be the sweet one?

  4. @ChaosButterfly yes yes you're right! It wasn't super sweet; very nice to sip.

  5. YUM!! I like a woman that likes to eat haha!