Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Color Club Revvvolution Performance

Performance time for Roy G Biv.

In my experience, I have found this polish has got to be one of the toughest polishes to keep on longer than a few days without obvious wear and tear and chipping. Here is one way to do it.

Day 1:

Apply base and one or two coats of the color.

Base: My memory is shot... sorry.
Color: Color Club Revvvolution x2

This color is awesome on so many levels:
1. Look at, just look at it
2. The application is BUTTA
3. It's opaque in one coat. Heck yes!

I have to admit I don't always wrap my tips, but always stroke down and so they look wrapped.  Either way, I find that some up keep is necessary during the life of the mani.

Day 2:

Okay so obviously this love affair is already starting to fizzle.  Really, wearing on day 2!? Redonkulous.

On day two, apply one coat of clear (not quick dry) and another coat of color.

Problem area's covered!

Day 3:

Well, *Roy* is at it again.  It's really not that bad, but annoying.

So, lets paint them AGAIN!

This time around I added the color first and then the wrapped the tips with clear, which I didn't want to do because the holo might be affected.

I didn't really see any big difference after all was dried.

Maybe there is slightly more glare off the clear from the flash.

Ignore the white hair, lol, that's from my cat Coke.

Day 4:

I started to give up after this day. No more up keep.

It looks worse from the side than head on.
Not terribly bad. At least it hasn't chipped.

Day 5:

Again, it looks worse from the side than it really is.

Actually I thinks it's more the same as Day 4.

See, it's do-able.

Day 6:

About the same or maybe slightly more wear.

But what's really getting to me ... are my thumbs!
That is unacceptable.

It was the weekend and I thought I'd better change the mani, since my time is limited during the week.  I changed it after 6 days, but the other fingers could have held out longer.  My cursed thumbs!

6 days for a holo, not too bad! I will try a sticky sandwich next time. :)


  1. I like your 'wear&tear' posts :) What a great polish!

  2. Люблю Реввволюшен, долго искала его, в прошлом году купила. У вас очень удачно получилось сфотографировать!

  3. Loodie, Lets see more posts about my filing nails haha. :)

  4. lol, okay friend. I will do filing for thin weak nails, and how to get rid of peelies. :) K? Any other requests?

  5. I love this Color Club polish, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Revvvvolution is one of my untrieds...now I have to decide whether to change my day old mani!!!