Sunday, January 30, 2011

OPI Bubble Bath

I'm going to take a one post break from the nail fix series to show OPI's Bubble Bath.

I put on a base coat thinking I might want to do a proper "wear test", but we'll see if my attention span doesn't get the best of me.

Base coat: CND Toughen Up
Other hand:
Can you guess which nail has a Shellac fix??

OPI Bubble Bath:

OPI Bubble Bath
2 coats in natural light. This color evens out the nail bed, but basically looks like nothing.

Application was great. It wasn't streaky at all. The polish levels really well as it dries.

2 coats vs. 3 coats

2 coats

3 coats

With flash you can start to see the milkyness, but in reality it's still a sheer light pink.

Final Mani:

Base: CND Toughen UP
Color: 3 coats Bubble Bath
Top: Seche Vite

Flash:  It's almost reminiscent of a sheer white when flash is involved, but in real light it is not. See next picture for a dose of reality.

Fluorescent light:
This is much closer to reality. Sheer pink with only hints of milkyness. This polish color is like a veil for natural nails.  It blurs things and makes it look flawless.

Since I get absolutely NO light in my apartment this is as good as it gets.

* runs to takes Vit. D supplement.


  1. this color never cross my mind until i read this post. I like how natural it looks!

  2. I ♥ how in tact your nails look unpolished. Some of us could NEVER wear sheer colors for fear of being exposed (in more ways than one) - lol!!!

  3. Your nails are so lovely. Bubble bath is just beautiful :)

  4. I never thought I'd like a sheer polish...but I like it!

  5. Awww, thanks guys for all the sweet comments!

  6. I have a lot of sheers but I don't have this one; it's pretty!

  7. I don't get this polish o look nice on me..what do I do wrong?!