Saturday, January 1, 2011

Color Club - Who are you wearing

In my recovery from the vampies, this boring one did the trick. I do like it, but only for short periods of time.

Base: NONE
Okay its a light color AND this was put on exacty after I screwed up the CND Romantique mani, so forgettaboutit!
Color: Color Club Who are you wearing x3
Top: Seche Vite (totally in a rush, life saver)

These pics are really indicative of the color.  It's a very light grey with a hint of purple (or lavender if you're fancy).
I wish this formula was more jelly like, it's kind of chalky, which is why I don't wear it too often. With a high gloss topcoat it looks pretty decent.
In terms of application, it's just okay.  Okay? that's being nice.  It was pretty streaky, but did even out somewhat as it dried. If it was less streaky it would have only need two coats, but three were definitely necessary for me. Maybe one day I will decant a portion and add clear to see if that fixes the formula to my liking, for now Seche Vite will have to do.

Thanks to the semi-craptastic formula and me being in a rush during application, I did have to do some clean up.

Here is a picture with flash.  It's okay ... just okay.


  1. Although it's a streaky one, you did a great job applying! It looks gorgeous!

  2. this is from your profile..."I am a big nerdy scientist" I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding nail bloggers with a science background!!!!!

    I studied drug testing...and here is my question to you...HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR NAILS!!! how?? how?

    I mean the lab kills my nails and the skin around it.. =(

    I resigned from my lab job to take a break and figure out what to do next and I can finally grow out my nails without them chipping

    1. Hi I am a graduate student, I understand your pain. I use glitter nail polish as top coat when I dont have time for a shellac. I dont know why but glitter makes my mani last longer. Otherwise, Shellac might be your solution.

  3. Hmm, I forgot I have this one... Looks great on you, and definitely a good neutral to cleanse the palate with. Happy new year!

  4. AmyGrace and ABOP - thanks! Seche vite definitely helps smooth it all out.

    shortwidenails: yeay! nerds united :)
    I moisturize like a mad woman. Oils and wax based butters are always within arms reach. I always try to moisturize before/after glove use and after washing my hands. On the bright side, the lab sucks, but the restaurant biz is worse, and I am so glad those years are behind me.

    I have to admit, now a days I do a lot more computer/theoretical stuff and less time in the lab. A nice break will allow you to catch up on your nail love :), so if you get back in the lab it will be easier to stay ahead of the cursed dryness.

  5. I have just tagged you to my blog :))

  6. О, я видела этот лак в продаже, крутила в руках, думала -и не взяла. Какой-то он слишком неопределенный! И не белый, и не серый, и не нюд :)

  7. I agree, you're better off without it for sure ... он не какой.