Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nothing like leaking personal information ...

One more blog award, yeay! This one is the Stylish Blogger Award (or the "lets all get to know each other award") I'd like to thank Once Bitten, Silance is Loud and Polish Wasteland. I'm sorry if I missed one other.

So these are the rules to the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

It's been some time since I received this award and I have been delaying the post simply because I am having an internal struggle about what to share about myself. In general, I am a pretty private person and so it's actually pretty ironic that I even blog, but then again it's not like I am showing my lady parts here, they're just nails. I guess it's in my nature to be fairly private and untrustworthy upon meeting new people. ALAS, I have thought of a few things ....

1. I have never dyed my hair. I totally enjoy my real hair color and for the most part am afraid that if I mess with it, it will never go back to it's original awesomeness. I have gotten several suggestions through out the years though, highlights, blonde, black (wtf), and so on. My current stance on the subject is that I would start dying it when I start going gray .... however that may take awhile ... my dad (who I most favor) is 50 and still no signs of gray and his mother doesn't really have gray hair either.

2. I have a thing for long hair. I was slightly traumatized as a young child and now find great difficulty cutting my hair. Lets go back a few years ... in Russia when you get lice, there is one solution ...cut your hair like a boy. So, you can imagine my devastation when some crap-dude decided to spread his lice to everyone. My parents made me a deal. "You can get your ears pierced if we cut you hair." Sweet deal! Well, guess what, hair was chopped and ears were not pierced. Sheesh! Cutting hair = sadness.

3. Since I'm talking about trauma, let's talk how my dad traumatized me when I was young. He used to like to say the reason I had freckles was because flies liked to poop on my nose and cheeks. F-ing hilarious .... for a 25 year old, traumatizing for a 5 year old. I love my dad though and he'd do anything for me, that's just his strange sense of humor. Silly guy!

4. Since we are talking freckles lets talk sun. I have an obsession with SPF. I wear at least SPF 70 on my face everyday. When I'm at the beach, I am constantly reapplying every hour. (Note: sunblock eats nail polish in such high doses, so fresh mani's are a must at the beach.) Since we all know freckles and wrinkles come from sun exposure I say this is not such a bad obsession ... that is until we all find out some other ingredient in the lotion causes cancer, BLARG!

5. I carry my own bar of soap to most places. I have had an allergy to an unknown ingredient since ~2000, which presents it self as hives and dry skin, and it wasn't until this year that I finally figured out what it was from. Curse you Red 33! Unfortunately, I can not wear many perfumes, lotions, and cosmetics. It's sad and a pain in the a$$. I do get some pleasure in rejecting the annoying ladies at the perfume counters though.

6. Okay another sob story, this time with a happy ending: When I first came to America I didn't know English. On my first day of school I was dropped off at the front office along with my sister. My sister was quickly placed in a classroom, but I think they forgot about me. I obviously couldn't communicate my needs so I just sat there and I guess they didn't know what to do with me so I sat there some more. Lunch came and went. My sister passed by the office in a single file line with her class on their way to lunch. We did the FOB wave as she passed :/ The desperation was obvious. To the rescue! My sis came back bearing TATER TOTS. It was heaven. The End.

7. I absolutely hate calling to order pizza. I think this stems from my early FOB experiences. I get all frazzled and don't know what to say. Sometimes I write down a script for myself, but then if the dude on the other line goes off script I'm screwed. Aaaahhhh!

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If you have been tagged before, no biggie, just do what you do. I have love for all of you :)


  1. Aww thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. LOL awesome post. :D Made me laugh. :D Thanks for the award, but as I just posted my 7 and linked it further, I won't post it again. :)

  3. ditto at #7. i totally roll with a script.

  4. I like your answers! you deserve this tag!

  5. Awww, you mentioned me. I knew you loved me.
    Your Sister.

  6. So I already knew all this about you except 6 and 7.
    P.S. You should have shown your lady parts...hahaha

  7. Great post! and Thanks so much for the award!!!! :D:D I am usually useless at filling these kinda things, but I will do my best :D thnx hon


  8. awww thanks for commenting everyone! One thing seems clear, we need to start a support group for people having similar symptoms as #7, lol

    @anonymous #1 I LOVE

    @anonymous #2 hmmm, my mind is racing .... must ... find ... out ... your ... identity!

  9. awwww, the tate tots story is funny.

    thanks for tagging me. i'll get this up today!