Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Light blue jelly franken

So there is this pretty blue color by Color Club called Factory Girl.  One problem ... pasty city! I always get really disappointed when I put it on because it's like wet chalk. Ewww. I prefer a more shiney creamy consistency and look, hence this franken was born.
Since I am a scientist I should be much better at keeping record of how I make these things,  but perhaps since it's my job and this is a creative outlet, those rules get thrown out the window.  Sorry people, I will just give you estimates and even those are only as good as my memory and I'm no elephant.

Color Club Factory girl + Maybelline wet shine Ballet on Ice (40) + clear topcoat

1/4 +1/4 + 1/8

What weird measurements right? Basically, I didn't make a full bottle, slightly more than half.

The result:

3 coats with flash.

From the side with less flash.

Side with more flash

It's definitely less harsh and I like it lots more than the original.



  1. Wow, such a great result! You don't need Chanel Riva! :lol:

  2. Thanks!
    I think it might be easy to make from this though. I don't have Riva, but know it has some blue shimmer in it. So, maybe a bit of a silvery holo to give shimmer but not enough for the holo effect OR some blue opalescent shimmer might be nice.

  3. Wow, I love it...I think you're channeling Chanel Riva or RBL Bikini Bottom. Gorgeous!

  4. That's gorgeous, good job! I should really try to make a franken myself, fun times =)

  5. This looks great! Really squishy! :)

  6. gorgeous! Im turning into a nail junkie!

  7. I can see myself wearing a color like that on my toes in the summer as I dip my toes into the sand and wash them off in the ocean.....

  8. Gorgeous color!! I should learn how to do franken. =)

    I also tagged you in the Stylish Blog award. I am sorry if you've been tag before.

  9. That's gorgeous - and a great idea for dealing with polishes with the same problem!

  10. I love your franken. Great job! I actually love reading your posts and enjoy visiting your blog. Check mine out!