Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Somebody's watching me

 Please tell me you also get stares like this.

Coco's thoughts, "This bish needs to feed me."

Not sure if she's looking at me or the polish, but damn, look at the sexy beast that is ...

Color Club - Love 'Em/Leave 'Em

 Even in the shade slight holo comes out.

Mannequin hands with pizzazz!


  1. looooooove this on you

  2. Hotness!! The cat is pretty though. My dog does stare or shell put her paw up to get painted sometimes

  3. So pretty! Great photo of the cat, lol!

  4. Too cute! My dog always tries to get all up in my pictures too.

  5. Oooh nice! Yeah, my fur-babies stalk me every time I get up from the table or sofa. Follow me around to make sure I am headed for their food bowls. Otherwise, it's the mega stare-down, lol.

  6. pretty polish and cats actually get up on the desk that I do my nails at and stare at me!!!

  7. She is probably jealous of your beautiful "claws" and wishes she could wear that gorgeous polish.

  8. OMG....too funny! Your cat looks very polite about asking for food, mine isn't quite that way!

    And gorgeous polish! Reminds me of Butter Londons All Hail The Queen and a CG dupe I have for it.

  9. Ahahah! My cat stares at me like that sometimes, but I think he's wondering what the h...I am doing, taking pics of my own hand :-P
    Awesome polish (and awesome nails), how come I missed this Color Club holo??

  10. My cats like to line up and stare at me in the shower. At first it was creepy, now the American Bulldog joins them so I know its just them f-ing with me. Or sending subliminal messages.

  11. @KJCalloway my cats also like to hang with me in the bathroom.They all sit on the sink while I shower.I have three of them!

  12. @KJCalloway my cats also like to hang with me in the bathroom.They all sit on the sink while I shower.I have three of them!

  13. Just gotta say, nicest nails ever. Biggest nail crush!

  14. I love your cat! Mine is a character, too, but more dog-like. LOVE the polish!

  15. My cat likes to stare at me while I'm getting dressed in the morning. It's irksome. She's also a manicure saboteur. Glad you're feeling better Loodie.

  16. Reminds me of my very first cat I had ever. Age 9-pure white cat-I named her Snowella-Snowy for short. Got fixed and she became a fat beeyotch meany. If she was sitting on your lap and you wanted to get up-she would hiss and moan. One day she just disappeared. Feed your cat would ya???

  17. Fark! This is gorgeous! *pets kitty*

  18. Lol! Yes! I live in an urban area so when I go outside to shoot photos it's like a show for the entire street. I've tried to seek out alleys with good light and random little side streets but it doesn't seem to matter. I always get the "why is that weird girl taking photos of her hand?" looks, lol! I just repeat to myself, no one else is here but me la la la la la la... XD LOVE Love 'Em Leave 'Em on you - sexiest mannequin hands ever!

  19. @Scandy - Angie!!! Thank you :D

    @L - OMG I just got a mental picture. That dog's huge paw LOL.

    @Sinead - :D

    @Amanda - They are such scene stealers!

    @Anonymous - haha, the stare down. I'm so weak. I always give them small bits.

    @Jackie - LOL, mine too! Until they get a whiff of the polish. Well, the one usually stays; she must like the buzz, lol.

    @Thalie - hahaha, right?! She must like rainbows :P

    @Angie - Ooo, I just Googled it, indeed gorgeous! *hoping for butter london 90% off sale*

    @maisenzasmalto - haha, I'm sure she was thinking the same here too LOL. Thank you so much for the compliments! This is a must have Color Club if you can get it easily!

    @KJ Callaway - ROFLLLLL! yes the white one does that all the time. I think she secretly likes the water. P.S. your cat in your profile pic cracks me up!!!

    @ReecesPeeces - I love you, thank you! And my nails love you! :D

    @Gottwinkies - Isn't that the best though!? They make me laugh everyday :D

    @Ms. Lizard - Thank you lovely lady!! Ooo your cat is scandalous! Don't let her get a hold of your camera, haha!

    @Fingers - Done! Fed ... but she's still giving me looks ... I'll give her smothering LOVE!! :D

    @Deborah - She <3 you back!!

    @Olivia - Yea man, AND it's like $2. You need it. *prrrr*

    @I Drink Nail Polish - OMG, lololol, you are awesome and have balls! I can't imagine. Sometimes I try to take pictures of my nails on the metro because of the lightening, and feel like a total weirdo. Thank you! :D