Friday, December 23, 2011

Don't look, my meat is showing

I started rock climbing recently ...

uuuh ... minus the heels.  What the hell was she thinking?  I mean yes there are sexy shirtless men there, but still ...

Landa and Angie have been talking about their short nubs on twitter lately.  I thought mine were short, until I started climbing.

So, I went to town.  Every time I saw a nail file ... I filed.  Eventually I hit my meat

See the meat sticking under my pointer.

The other hand did not fare much better.

My fingers tips are so sore.  I agree with Landa and Angie ... nubs can suck.

What's a girl to do? ... Quite whining ... tuck ... and go.

I tucked my sore skin under the nail and did a new mani!

The old mani was:
OPI - Do You Lilac It?
topped with Pure Ice - Oh Baby!

Tucked and ready for action with ...

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

In the shade.

Reminds me of Color Club - Ruby Slippers

I think the China Glaze is slightly deeper red.

Do not adjust your screens ...

I went to a drag show recently because I heard they do splits.  I was not disappointed.  Can you imagine the meat tucking this move required?  If only she was wearing ruby pumps this post would come full circle.


  1. I will never be able to wear ruby pumps without thinking of meat tucking

  2. LMFAOOO TUCK THAT MEAT HUNTY!!!! *snaps* Ruby Pumps looks amazing on you

  3. Your nubs are frigging gorgeous. Also, you make me laugh and I <3 you for that.

  4. LOL omg your post titles are always so funny... Ilove the nubs... :)

  5. LOL you're so funny... I love your blog! I was planning to wear ruby pumps for christmas, I'll only wish my nubs were as gorgeous as yours... BTW thanks to your lessons I'm achieving nail bed growth! (sorry for bad spelling =P)

  6. This post had me LOLing for a few reds. I don't care how many times I see Ruby Pumps - I love it every. single. time. Gorgeous!!!!

  7. I wondered what would be the moment I would turn into a vegetarian. I think I found the moment. I can't imagine a sausage tuck and doing the splits!

  8. LMFAO! What a hoot! Gives new meaning to the phrase, "suck it up" ...major clinching, lol. Love both your manis, but the red is rockin. Your nubs still are longer than my "long" nails :0) *hugs*

  9. OMG, meat tucking? Greatest Loodiex3 post ever! Wish mine grew out further, then maybe I wouldn't get such nasty shit under my damn nails! Love the first polish with the blue sparklies over, and I just recently got Ruby Pumps, and I plan to wear that beauty on Christmas!

  10. Oh that has got to hurt- drag queens should not be doing splits! Can only imagine?!? You crack me up with this crap! Your nails are still prettier than mine- meat and all! And rock climbing in heels?! Is that for a men's magazine?

  11. Haha, oh man I am laughing too hard right now imagining all the various forms of meat tucking going on in this post. ;p

    I love going to drag shows though, it's always a good time and those men can get it in those heels. They put me to shame, I am not graceful.

  12. Oh good for you (the rock climbing, not the meat, except the kind you can stuff your belly with!) I love rock climbing and used to do quite a bit of it when I was a kid, I just really disliked the feel of the magnesium chalk on my hands.

  13. LOL for meat tucking mentioned here! Your nails are gorgeus, not actually nubbins to me!

  14. "So, I went to town. Every time I saw a nail file ... I filed. Eventually I hit my meat."

    oh my god, this made me laugh. ♥

  15. ROFL!!!!!!! XD OMG my face hurts from laughing so hard, lololol! But on a somewhat serious note, I literally can't do true nubs. My, uhm, meat extends well beyond my fingertips. There is just too much meat to even try to tuck. *giggles*

    LOVE both of these pretty manis! I need to dust off my Ruby Pumps. I think she's getting jealous of Ring in the Red.

  16. @I Drink Nail Polish - :P ... I totally understand ... LOLOL to "too much meat". Some would love to have this problem.

  17. I love climbing! Used to do it all the time. Ruby Pumps is great, I made a comparison between it and ruby slippers

  18. Hahahaaa!!! Let me just say, I have helped queens tuck their meat. It is definitely impressive. :D Also impressive: creating cleave with duct tape!