Saturday, December 10, 2011

Retail Therapy

Down in the dumps?  What better therapy is there than buying crap you don't need?  I know money can't buy love or happiness ... wait! Or can it? ... only for a second ... umm so I bought hours worth ...
I have lemmings, but hardly ever quench them purposefully.

So when I just happen to find these, my heart did a back flip.

I love you Ross.  Not only do I get to dress for less, but you help me find rainbows.

.... and you have Color Club

... lots of Color Club

Color Club - Beyond the Mistletoe

In my depression, I took my nails down real short.  I actually really like them.

BACK UPS ... always necessary.

I love going to gently used Walmarts.

I find beauties like Heart Breaker :)

Pure Ice - Heart Breaker over China Glaze - Wagon Trail

I seriously love my nubs.

Blue and Green at the same time!

Go find a Walmart in the middle of nowhere.

You know me and sheer whites ....


I don't own much Orly ... that has been remedied.

Finally ... these are mine.

China Glaze to the rescue!! Lots of backups and new kids.

ICE ... Exactly like KleanColor.
Okay I am done ... for now. 

You guys are the best.  <3


  1. YAY!!! She lives!
    Fabulous haul! ♥♥♥

  2. SOO glad ur back!!!!

  3. Hey sweetie,
    Hope you are feeling a little better :)
    Just to commiserate with you, I also shortened my nails a big deal after all the disasters in my life. I actually love my nubs too.
    It feels good to change a little when we feel like this.


  4. This haul pleases me muchly! I think your nails look hot! HOT! like fiyah ;)

  5. This haul is epic. I'm impressed, and I agree retail therapy it certainly helps.

  6. do whatever it takes to make you feel better! i hope you feel better doll , i miss you & your funny posts.. but take your time we will all be here for you <3

  7. Epic haul! Glad to see you post :) xoxo

  8. Helloooooooooo, amazing haul!! Hope you're feeling a little better :)

  9. Love this haul! I do the same thing when I'm feeling down... just buy some polish!
    Feel better xoxoxo we miss you!!!

  10. Love your "nubbins"!! You know I have yet to wear any of the Beyond the Mistletoe collection!!

    Glad to see you posting!

  11. Oh and forgot to mention that I love Funny Bunny! You know me and my sheer whites too! That polish has actually gotten the most searches on my blog.....crazy!

  12. I'm so glad your posting again <3 And what a great haul! Can't wait to see you wearing those beautiful Color Club polishes :D

  13. Retail therapy must be the best kind of therapy! This is a great haul :D

  14. Yey, I've missed your posts! So many pretty polishes! I love that you call those nubbins lol. Mine are kind of the lenght from the first photo now and for me they feel quite long x)

  15. Yay for the fun kind of therapy!

    And that length looks really great on you!

  16. Aww, Loodie <3 Hoping you're feeling better soon.


    Seriously, your hauling skills are more valuable than some professions. Impressive.

  17. What a haul! Now more lems added to my list...

    I really love the shorter nails on you. They look great! I bet they're easier to deal with, too.

    All the best to you Chiquita! <3

  18. oh i don't think this is hours worth of happiness it's months worth ^_^ Imagine all the trying on, swatching, showing us pictures on your blog, sharing comments ;) I hope you really are feeling better :)

  19. Wow that is a lot of freakin polish. I just bought that pure ice heartbreaker. So nice! Am hoping you are doing a bit better. I like your nails this length. Can't wait to see swatches of all these!

  20. WOW what great hauls! I love your nubs, I think nubbins are so darn cute!

  21. Retail therapy FTW! You got some great colors. I hope you're feeling a little better and I hope to see you around more. :)

  22. Good to see you post honey! And WOWZA awesome haulage. Especially Crystal Ball *has jealous*.

  23. I'm sure we've all been there at some point, nevertheless great buys, serious envy over china glazes and color clubs, so many pretty colors

  24. wow what an awesome haul!!! Retail therapy actually WORKS!!!
    And your nails look beautiful :)
    I love funny bunny too, what other sheer whites do you have? I´m a fan too (and sheer white/pinks)... A comparison would be great!!

  25. EPIC haul! And gorgeous nails! <3
    I hope you're feeling a bit better. :hugs:

  26. *huge hugs* Hope you're feeling better - it's nice to see a post from you and this is an epic haul post! *swoon*

  27. Your credit card must be exhausted.

  28. I was so happy to see your new post in my reader!! Epic haul!! I think that when bad things happen, we do whatever we feel to recover: file nails, change haircut, buy loads of polishes, even have a tattoo (that is me).
    Big big hugs :*

  29. Good for you lady! Retail therapy is always a great way to take your mind off things!!

    LOVE the colors you got.


  30. Hurrah! Retail therapy can be so much fun! Glad to see you posting again.

  31. Annnnnnnnnnddd you're making me need to cut up my credit cards so I'm not poor! CRYSTAL BALL!! INSANE!

  32. LMAO! That is some serious freaking haulage! YAY for you...Retail therapy can do wonders. I have the pure ice HB and Busted...I love them. Enjoy Gorgeous Lady...everyone deserves doing this every now and then *hugs* Hope you are taking good care of yourself...

  33. That is one beautiful haul you have there! Polish is definately how I kept my spirits up while unemployed. No reason to feel badly about trying to make yourself feel better, especially when it also brings such pretty things into your life!

  34. Retail therapy makes everything better. Glad to see a post from you-sending you love and hugs my dear!

  35. Hey Friend. Still praying. Hey look, I can comment to your blog now. I switched from IE to Google Chrome. Yeah!!!

  36. I am glad you are back. That is a HUuUGE haul!

  37. Baby crab-girl, if all this love here isn't proof of how much you're missed and admired, then I don't know what is! Glad to see you focussing on what really matters: shopping!! LOL! Epic haul...gargantuan, really and the nails? Love 'em! I had a zillion klutz moments recently so mine are down real short as well...and I'm loving it! Looking forward to what you'll be zapping us mortals with next! Love ya! xox

  38. Heh I remember back when I still had a Hudsons CC I was upset about some jerk that pissed me off so I went and spent 300 bucks on clothes most of it on clearance. I think that was the first time I realized I might have a shopping problem lol

    Anywho I have been checking for you just about every other day. Good to see you back :)

  39. Nice haul! I hope these pretties help heal you and guide you back to us. We miss you. <3

  40. I'm so happy to read you again! I'm a new follower and I've learnt a lot of things with your blog, I love it and enjoy reading your posts, keep going! Hugs (and sorry for bad spelling)

  41. Retail therapy...distractions are sometimes necessary! I have Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe too, soo gorgeous!! And I like the shorter nails :) xo

  42. Ah, girl, I wish I had stores like you do, where you can buy cheap polish, if you're lucky to find them, it looks like such a nice hunt. Hunting down cosmetics always makes me happy. :)

  43. Welcome back, we missed you! It's amazing how many Kleancolor-clone polishes there are... Essie Poppycock looks like a fabulous color!

  44. Woooohoooooo! Rapture and Crystal Ball are such amazing finds!!! YAY! Awesome haulage. Those nubs look super sexy on you! <3

  45. First and foremost GROUP HUG!! Thank you everyone for your love, support and sweet words of kindness. :D I think we can agree, although not cheap (what therapy is), retail therapy is fantastic! <3

    @Sarah B. - an extra smooch for you! <3

    @ReecesPeeces - lol. Polish Pleasure, I don't charge extra.

    @Angie - My sheer white loving twin! I send you extra hugs and love, k?

    @ChaosButterfly - your body will be full of bruises after words, but oh so worth it!

    @wunderbar - ignorance is bless ... I refuse to count :P

    @Lendoxia - okay, maybe you're right ;)

    @Mara S - oh girlfriend, I have a tab just for sheer whites! Search or click to happiness :D

    @marox79 - I bitch slapped her and told her to keep working.

    @maisenzasmalto - Had I not cut my hair a week prior I may have had a catastrophe there as well. Oh a tattoo, you rebel!

    @Elizabeth Life and Polish - mwahahahaha.

    @SalvagedExpression and AmandaDF - ain't that the truth!

    @For Me, It Works - you'll be amazed, blogger actually works with Chrome! - I so love being a stereotype right now :D

    @Precious - lol, that is too funny. My Mom is helping me deal ... her weakness, clothes! Hell yes new wardrobe here I come.

    @GretalRabbit - Thank you lovely!

    @Cristina - Yay, new or old, you are always welcome!! :D - indeed, thank you!

    @Ulmiel - And I wish I could magically bring the stores to you. Rush of VICTORY ... this I will share with you anytime though!

    @ABOP - OMG, I bought it for the name alone, we shall see how it fares on the nail!

    @I Drink Nail Polish - FREAKING AMAZING. After I was done soiling myself, I high fived myself.

  46. I love your nubs!! Good to see you back, lady friend :)

  47. So, Loodie, just how many bottles of polish do you own??
    Your posts make me want to step outside my 'nail box'! I bought a bottle of a dark blue with a teal shimmer by Wet n Wild (sorry, I am not at home and don't remember the name... I'll get back to you on that) I am building up the courage to use it! I'll keep you posted!

  48. I'm not telling, mainly because I don't know. Ignorance is bliss; that's how I like it! :D Unless you stop reading nail blogs right now, you WILL be purchasing a Helmer in no time. ;) Find an IKEA quickly.

    Come over to the dark side ... it's a really fun place!! <3