Friday, December 16, 2011

Tampons for your nails

Typically hemorrhaging of any kind is sopped up with a pad or a tampon.  Take wrestling for instance.  I remember on the high school wrestling team, when some dude would get a bloody nose, they would stick a tampon up his nose and call it a day.

Did you know your nails can hemorrhage?  Does that mean we need a maxi pad wrapped around each finger?  Luckily, no.  Although I imagine my hands would look exactly the way they do when I'm taking off glitter. ... see Foil Method post and video.

On occasion my nails hemorrhage and so do yours.  Have you ever noticed the following? ...

Do you see the black splinter? Click to make it bigger.  That is the start of a splinter hemorrhage.

There are medical reasons that cause such things to happened, one of serious concern is fungus, but I am ignoring those at the moment.  More typically, my hemorrhaging splinters come from over zealous buffing or knocking my nail bed into something.

It's faint and spread out at first, but gets more needle like as it grows out.

I usually don't worry too much about it and just let it grow out. Eventually, it will come to the nail free edge.

Growing out the coagulated blood...

 Let me show you the under carriage. lol

Creepy right.  You really can pick it off like a splinter.  Don't pry at it though.

Notice the hyponychium under the nail.  You can learn more about that in this post

In short, it is just skin that grows up the nail free edge.  This skin prevents some of us from taking down their nails to true nubbiness.  You can, however, manipulate it carefully.  Again, visit this post for more information. 

Next time you pull out a tampon think of your nails ... and how they don't need one.


  1. I used to get those often when I wore acrylics. I just let them grow out. Had one a few weeks ago that came from a hammer. LOL Oh well. Nice to see you posting again.

  2. Oh that's what that is I always wondered. :) Well one thing learned today :D

  3. I learn so much from you! thanks for teaching me about the hyponychium. people just don't believe me when I tell them I can't cut my nails as far down as normal people. I love your blog and I'm glad you're back!

  4. I always wondered what the heck those things were! I get them all the time!! You rock smarty pants chick!! Hope this means things are getting a little better for you since I read a hint of your lovely sarcastic wit in there! Glad to see it!!

  5. Luckily this doesn't happen to me really often :-/ I already hate my thumbs that tear at a side, really far from free edge!
    BTW always nice to see your posts :*

  6. You know, I used to get these quite a bit more often than I do now - but I'm a lot more gentle with my nails than I used to be. I never did know what caused it but then I read something about it after I started blogging. I bet a lot of people don't know what these are!

  7. So that's what that is! Again, you have proved to be an excellent teacher and I thank you!

    Good to hear from you again - hang in there and hold your head high!


  8. I always thought I got a splinter under my nails when I saw the dark line and tried to pick it out!

    Hmm tampon eh, what about a Diva cup or better yet those little finger cots that look like mini condoms?

  9. I've actually never gotten one of those, but I love that you're back to dropping knowledge on us.

    My hyponychium is out of control though...I used to try to manage it, but I slacked off for like three weeks and now it's become drunk with freedom and won't go back. :(

  10. I get them and always wondered how they came to be.

  11. Huh....that is so weird! I know I've had these before but never knew what they were!

  12. Girl, you crack me up! How could a person NOT read this post, Lol! I get those seldom, thanks for explaining them...BTW your nails look amazing

  13. Now I have a name for it! you know since I started moisturizing and not changing my polish everyday, AND using nail grease my nails are the longest they have ever been. Today at the post office I actually cut through packing tape with my thumb and this pretty elderly lady said "WOW, your nails are so strong and pretty, and LONG!" I was so proud I almost purred at her.


  14. I know it looks like the laminae is somehow jarred or affected, like the connective tissue is disrupted.

    Cool pix!

  15. Hmmm...I've never had one of those but now I know what to do in case I ever do! Your post title got me reading and slghtly disturbed, LOL!

  16. good to know, I usually only get them when I accidentally poke under nail I'm glad I know what it is now, thanks loodie hope your doing good dear, your nails look beautiful like always.

  17. @L - Smooooches! oh I can definitely see how acrylic application would cause it.

    @Lendoxia - woot!

    @Esther - Awww thanks!! Yea, unless they have it too it's hard to explain.

    @Fingers - I have good days and bad days. On the good days I try to work on silly posts like this:P

    @maisenzasmalto - Good, you're not missing much. About the thumb tears, I will kiss them for you ... and then gel polish those babies so they can grow out undamaged. :D

    @Nicole - I get them on occasion and then wonder what the hell I hit my hand on. *note to self - be gentle*

    @finished10nails - :D LOVES to you!

    @Olivia - *wipes coffee off screen*

    @ChaosButterfly - haha ... That skin is like an unruley teenager.

    @Kyouya - lol, yes! Mission accomplished.

    @Kimberly - dude, totally. Like, what the f splinter, you're ruining the aesthetics!

    @Angie - Give your nails a good bashing and they will come for a visit. ... no wait, don't bash your gorgeous nails, I take it back!

    @Gottwinkies - Thank you my beautiful friend!

    @KJ - lol, nail grease, I seriously want to steal this phrase. Ya! strong nails are great, you can now substitute them for stabbing and self defense :P

    @Johanna - stop talking so sexy, I can't handle it ;)

    @Impoverished by Polish - hahaha! What can I say, being inappropriate is my kind of game. :D

    @beauxs mom - Thank you mama!! <3

  18. Your posts are so educating! Now I don't have to wonder anymore what this is :).

  19. I get those a lot! I am a klutz lol.

    I am glad you're blogging again ♥

  20. Learning is good. Learning you're right is better! I didn't know you could pick them out one they got to the surface though. That would have saved me some uglyness.

  21. Miss Loodie. I am new to your blog. I must tell you that for the first time in my almost 53 years, I have no hangnails or dry cuticles and my split thumbnail, which I thought I would always have, has grown out and stopped being a split nail. This is all thanks to you. I have followed your "moisturize at all times" advice, with, I have to admit it, initially much skepticism. I have beautiful strong nails to prove you right and cure my inner critic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a musician and must wear my nails short. However, I love polish and had pretty much wrecked my nails. They are so beautiful now. Everyone thinks I've been getting endless manicures. I know you've been going through crap lately, and I hate to read about it. I hope you are doing seems so. I must thank you again so much for this blog and your love of nails and sharing it with us. I am forever your fan. ;) Carole

  22. @Deborah - :D Thanks lova!

    @Jessica - me too, thank you *hugs!*

    @SalvagedExpressions - lol, I'm just glad they go away, because I would be one big bruise!

    @Carole - Awwww. I am soooo happy for you! Seriously, I just want to run down the hall and flail my arms. I love hearing stories like this because it is exactly what I went through and I know how you feel. *smooches and love to you and your nails*