Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video version of me cutting you

A while back I made a post about hang nails and how to trim them.  That post can be found here.  Last night I made a video about it!  Want to see?!

YouTube Channel ... click here


  1. Very helpful and you look so pretty. I left a comment on there for you! Glad to see your feeling better.

  2. It's so soothing looking at your beautiful nude nails! *wiggles eyebrows* ;)

    Happy new year! :D

  3. I am two days behind on my blog reading-have over 350 posts to read!! NATCH!!!!

  4. Really useful, thank you!!
    I hate hangnails, it happens me to notice them ALWAYS when I'm out of tools (office, car...) and I have to resist the foolish urge to just pull them!
    BTW you look gorgeous, I wish you a great great great 2012 :*

  5. ARGH! I still need to buy some neepers! hahahaha! My cuticles are doing better with some Poshe, but winter is still hard as hell on my hands! Yours look AMAZING, my dear! Take care and keep healing :0)

  6. @♥beauxs mom - Thank you, you are so sweet!

    @Solveig - lol, Happy New Year!!

    @Fingers - LOL, stop screaming SNATCH ;P

    @maisenzasmalto - I try to resist too. I just want it gone and am so tempted to bite it off sometimes. Happy 2012!! :*****

    @Gottwinkies - LOL. Ugh, the winter is the worst. Thank you m friend!

  7. *\o/* Awesome to see evil hang nails banished! *\o/*