Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

How about some spam to go along with the season?!?!

My newest addition ...

China Glaze - Crystal Ball

Everything I imagined and more! :D

OPI - Funny Bunny topped with
Finger Paints - Asylum

Reminds me of snow in the moon light!

China Glaze - Gussied Up Green

A green I tolerate ... no, actually I really love it!

China Glaze - Stroll

This is a really special polish ... I promise more pictures in the future.

Nubar - Star Sparkle

I want snow sooooo bad!!  This will have to suffice.

China Glaze - Wagon Trail

Sexy blackened green.
China Glaze - Heart of Africa

Remember this dirty post?  This is the clean version.

When it's cold outside these two frenemies meet up on the heater.

May your holidays be filled with friends, family and lots of love and happiness!


  1. Great selections. I love Stroll. I wish China Glaze would introduce other jewel tones in the same finish. Could you imagine an emerald, sapphire, or tiger's eye brown in the same finish as Stroll?! Of course, love the fur babies. My two collapsed after eating some turkey and the tryptophan kicked in. LOL!!!

  2. Happy holidays to you too!
    Thanks for the swatches; I especially like the funny bunny in the asylum :)

  3. Wishing you an awesome 2012.

  4. Merry Christmas :) Star Sparkle is absolutely perfect, sparkle O_O

  5. Amazing nail polishes! I love the Nubar one ^__^ Thank you so much for the wishes. I also wish you a very Marry season! :)

  6. I'm really liking funny bunny and Ayslum :)

  7. Happy holidays!! Gorgeous spam, I'm loving Funny Bunny with Asylum! And the kitties are adorable as always :)

  8. Hmmmm Crystal Ball <3. Merry belated Christmas lovely Loodie!

  9. OMG! I want all those china glaze! Most are on my wish list! Your cats are so cute! Mine cuddle together as well. My 26 lb Sam lies on my 13 lb checkers. It's always that way never the other. I wonder why? Am jealous you have the finger paints! Will have mine on Wednesday!

  10. I think need to pick up Wagon Trail! And I'm jealous you got your hands on the Finger Paints flakies early!! My Sally's don't have them out yet!

    Your kitters are so cute! Wish my cats would cuddle!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  11. They are all amazing polishes! I think my fave is the very first one, we never see the really cool polishes at our Sally beauty supply, bummer! Take care :0)

  12. Yummy spam! I particularly love the OPI + FP combo, the Nubar and ChG Heart of Africa! :D
    Merry Christmas! :D

  13. Hmm Gonna have to try Orly Au Champagne and Asylum. That might be nice. Hehe the fur balls at my house snuggle up like that and then an hour later one is biting the other and the honeymoon is over.

  14. Hi Loodie, I've leave you a comment month ago, If you could answer me, I will be glad.

    Hi loodie! First of all, I have to say you, that I love love loooove your blog and stuff you're writing, thx for that! But I do have one question/notice. In that post you've marked NailTek Hydration Therapy III as a Formaldehyde + Protein + Moisturizer conditioner. However I just bought one and there is no formaldehyde in composition. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is other name for formaldehyd, so here is picture I've made for ya.
    If you could tell me smth about that I will be so greatfull :)) Regards from Poland! /Edith

  15. Looooove funny Bunny with asylum!!! Happy holidays :)

  16. @For Me, It Works - YES, I would love that. I would buy every. single. one. No seriously, can we start dropping hints to China Glaze?!

    @greeneyespinknails - Thank you!! Oh I love lighter colors with flakies, subtle and amazing!

    @L - RAWR! Thank you!!

    @AnnAnn - Thank you so much!! I can't wait for the new year, new start!

    @Lendoxia - Thank you. Star Sparkle is more amazing in person in low and fluorescent lighting, very sparkly!!

    @Akuma Kanji - Thank you so much friend!

    @rmcandlelight - It would look so pretty on your gorgeous nail beds!!

    @Susy - Thank you!! Kitties say meow and send you head butt kisses :P

    @Deborah - Thank you love!! I wish you only the best.

    @Fingers - lol, the thinner one needs the extra warmth from the fatter one? Oh you will love the FP's! SO excited for you!

    @Angie - I was completely shocked they had them. I didn't even go to Sally's with that purpose, but hey it works. Once in a long while I will catch them in loving poses, but they are mostly swatting at each other. Next time you haul ... yes you need Wagon Trail.

    @Gottwinkies - Ooo Crystal ball is so pretty. I was so happy to find it in a dusty, even happier that she actually sold it to me :D

    @Solveig - :D Merry Christmas!! <3

    @Precious - Au Champagne has a little sparkly to it, that will look great!!!

    @Edith - Hi, thank you so much! Your love makes me feel so happy!! I am so sorry, I do remember, but somehow got lost. I apologize!

    You are right, I don't see formaldehyde listed in the picture you have included. It's quite possible that they have reformulated the product. I will check a few bottles in a few different stores to see what the consensus is and edit my post to match. *hugs to Poland*

    @Mara - It's awesome, you must try it!! :D Thank you

  17. Ooo! Such pretty holiday manis! Awe, I love the kittehs. <3 Hope your holidays were lovely! Wishing you a wonderful new year! :)

  18. Thank you! I hope yours were fantastic as well!