Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hairy Situation

I have received a lot of questions/requests on this hair...

One big hair curl
If your hair already has slight curl or wave, this look is pretty dang easy to achieve.  I made a video on my YouTube channel!

All you need is a basic flat iron, hair tie, and brush.  I don't normally use hair products for this, but if it helps you keep your curls feel free to add them. I use a very low temperature setting, 220 C, but you'll have to find what temperature works best for your hair.

The flat iron in this video is a Remington Tstudio S8800.

The T studio is growing on me, finally after two years of use!  Perhaps I'm just resistant to change, but initially I was not a fan of the iron.  The only thing I ask of my irons is that they are not bulky and have temperature adjustment.

On pure aesthetics, I think the cool touch ends make this iron look bulky. I wish they weren't there, even though I realize they have a functional purpose. I decided to overlook the bulkiness in exchange for other positive aspects. At this point I am just used to them and don't notice them very much.

Temperature and digital controls:
This iron warms up very quickly, about 60 seconds. I really love the digital LCD temperature display. It's very easy to set the temperature using the -/+ buttons. The lowest heat setting is 200 C and it goes up to 400 C in 20 C intervals. There is an LED indicator light that blinks when the iron is heating up or remains solid when it has reached a specified temperature. When I initially bought the iron I had problems accidentally pushing the -/+ buttons and inadvertently changing the temperature setting. It was really frustrating. I didn't realize you could lock the temperature. All you need to do is, let the iron come to temperature (solid LED light), and then hold the on/off button for 2-3 seconds.  You can test the iron by pressing the -/+ buttons. Once I discovered this trick, I became more infatuated with the iron.  

Nano-Silver Ceramic Plates
Apparently the plates are made of ceramic and micro-fine, nano-crushed particles of silver that have anti-microbial purifying properties.  I'm not sure why one would be so concerned with microbes on the hair; I guess I could eat off my hair in a pinch.  Whatever, I don't care too much about that, but I do appreciate that after 2 years, the plates look brand new. This is another great reason to love the iron.

Flat iron comparison:
I can't remember exactly, but I think I paid ~$25 for the Tstudio at Big Lots. Before the T studio, I used an Andis Ceramic Plate Flat Iron that I bought at Walmart for ~$12. I liked the design much better over the T studio, but the ceramic plating wore off quickly (within the first 2 years).

I used the Andis flat iron probably for 5+ years (worn plates and all), before I finally stopped being lazy and replaced it. Although initially I was not happy with the replacement, the Remington Tstudio has proved to be a very nice work horse that I don't regret buying one bit.

What flat iron do you use?


  1. What happened to the nails/???? I actually burned my ear this morning doing the flat iron thang-i shouted quite a few obscenities. I can't even remember what brand mine is-but it used to be THE iron back in the day selling for $100 and I got it via you know the one with the "O"!

    1. I have gotten way too many questions/requests about this hair to ignore it any longer. It was eating away at me for a good year and a half (ever since I posted the cuticle remover video). My nails have not fallen off and they'll be back in the next post! :P

      I know the O very well. I have spent a good chunk of change on various things. I almost bought THE big named iron until I found out many of them don't have heat adjustment. I hate burning my hair ... and ears. Put some butter on it, right? lol

  2. How can I guy like me flatten his hair?

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