Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mama Mia! That's red alright.

Red is classic, but I always feel strange wearing it on my nails.  Maybe because it feels a bit loud or a bit scandalous or maybe because it can stain easily.   Either way I achieved it with this mani ...

China Glaze - Italian Red

I would say this is a warm toned red, but definitely not dominated by orange.  I really like the way it looks against my warm skin tone even though the picture is a bit over exposed and makes my skin look really white. 

The formula was a sweet sweet jelly.  I did two coats and loved every minute of it.  Although the pictures show some visible nail line, I
1. don't care and
2. couldn't really see it in real life. 

The hubs really liked it, so that's always nice to hear. 

Indirect light

Again, every time I wear red I am always reminded of Jennifer from the two fat ladies ... click here ... they make me hungry.   

Anyone want spicy garlic wings? ...

I shoved my face full of these last weekend ... mmmmmm

Back to the nails.  OH the stains .... shield your eyes!

Although I did a double coat of base it still stained a bit.   However, this is nothing compared to what Rodeo Fanatic did.  More on that another time. 

Do you ever feel like a hooker wearing red?  What is your favorite red?



  1. So sad that Jennifer died! I loved that show! I love all kinds of reds! Makes me feel all siren sexy! Fave right now? RBL Chinoise or Essie wicked for a darker red!

  2. I think I prefer red on nubs. To me, it feels less dragon-lady-ish.

  3. I don't wear reads nearly as often as I use to but my favorite red is Orly Bus Stop Crimson. And I agree ChG has got to be the worst for staining.

  4. That's what I get for commenting via cell phone. "I don't wear reds that often" and "ChG Rodeo Fanatic is the worse for staining". LOL!

  5. I am loving Zoya's Sooki, its super hooker red...hooker red is the best!

  6. I constantly feel like a hooker when i wear red. Seriously, since I started my blog, I've only worn red 2x and I took it off right away one of the times! ahhaaha I just don't feel like "Me" when I wear it (prob because I'm not a hooker in real life). We need our sheer whites to make us feel better!!

  7. I don't own many reds, but I think my favorite is Zoya Blair. It's smoky and perfect.

  8. See, the thing about red is -- you gotta own it. Which you most definitely do in these photos. When you wear red, you can't hide. It's in your face, it's bold, it says LOOK AT ME. But it's also classic, beautiful, vibrant. It's also an organic color -- red is everywhere in nature, bold for the same reasons. Red flowers want to attract bees. Hummingbirds look for red. Red = sweet sweet nectar and succulent fruit.

    Erm. I waxed loquacious there. And my favorite red, of course, is none other than my beloved I'm Not Really a Waitress, but honestly? Rarely met a red I didn't like/love. Red kicks ASS.

  9. I used to think that I would feel cheap but when I actually put my first red polish on it felt just gorgeous. this italian red really screams notice me it looks good on you

  10. I love red, on my fingers but it's frequently my go-to for toes. Dunno why. I love this though - Janissa got it - you own this one. :)

    My fave is an ooooold one - Oil of Olay Spicy Red - and yep it's still viable and I still wear it!

  11. Haha, I always feel a bit like a trashy trailer park wife in heels and leopard print when I wear bright red polish. I don't know why.

    I read on MUA some girl's uncle saying wearing light blue nail polish made her look like a hooker, I was like what? RED is the hooker colour! But really, red is classic. I don't know why I always feel so weird when I wear it.

  12. I sometimes feel weird when I wear red too... like my nails are too long for it. But, like you, it looks farking incredible on my skintone... so I think I just need to get over myself. =p

  13. Italian red...Like tomato on pizza? Or last bar of our flag, maybe! Anyway this CG color is very nice. I don't wear reds very often but I have to say that a red mani makes me feel very "glamorous 50's diva". Very sexy (not exactly hooker-ish)! My favourite cremes so far? Eyeko Saucy polish or Essence Ready for action!

  14. Pig! Ooops I meant to comment on the nail polish first and not the food. I might have to do a red polish post soon and like you I feel strange wearing red polish.

    Now, I have Abba running through my mind, thanks!

  15. Red is so classic!! Sometimes I feel its too "sexy" for me since I'm totally not at all sexy, lol! My favorite by far is OPI's Color So Hot it Berns, its a nice blue toned red that looks great on my skin tone.

    Also, your nekkid nails are gorgeous!! So envious!

  16. got something against hookers?! It IS the 2nd oldest profession, after all!! (motherhood being the first, naturally!) Once in a while, it's nice to bring out your inner siren, and frankly, I'm not surprised it was husband-approved: poll any group of men, and they will inevitably state 'red' as their favourite nail polish colour on women. Go figure! Personally, I don't wear red all that often mainly because of past staining issues. This one, is a knockout on you and you say it's a jelly? still my beating heart! Love this, love your swatches!!

  17. LMFAO @ Hooker.! !hhahahah every time i wear red i feel glamorous :)

    i love this red on you Anna ! it looks great! too bad it stained your perfectly shaped nails (im jealous) .:D


  18. Oh no I'm wearing Rodeo Fanatic right now :O I guess it's a good thing I don't care about staining since I always cover it up anyways :P

  19. I have two reds I love, Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar and a Finger Paints I can't recall the name of right now. I only wear them two days or so because they're such a statement.

  20. Looks fantastic on you! I do have to say my favorite reds would have to be Butter London in Knees Up, Illamasqua in Throb, and Essie in Pama. Love love love those! :D

  21. beautiful red& those wings look so yummy! When I spoil myself I get a bucket of kfc wings yum lol, I always get stains too even with base somebody should make one that actually protects from stains, I only like wearin red on valentines and x-mas, but I'm still looking for my HG red.

  22. Ooooh mama, that is HAWT! :D
    My favorite reds are ChG Thunderbird, Ruby Pumps and Nfu-Oh 129, but like you, I don't wear red very often. It feels like such a "statement" or something, but I don't think it's hookerish. I always wear Ruby Pumps on Christmas Eve. :)

  23. Wow! This looks great on you. I love red polish and wear it often.

  24. Red is my favorite and the color I have the most of. The only reasons I don't wear it nearly exclusively are that a) Few people can really appreciate the nuances of the many different shades I have (not enough us polish lovers around), and b) I love lots of colors ;o).

    Honestly though, the hooker thing? Can we please just put that hoary (no pun intended) old prejudice to rest? Red is classic and timeless. It's been around even longer than I have (I've been wearing polish for 40 years and red polish has decades on me!), and there's a lot of good reasons for that. Yes, men love it, but the best reason is that there is a red for everyone and once you find's like that perfect, little black dress.

    My favorite? That's like asking me to pick a favorite child! A short list? ChG's Stroll, Barielle's Elle's Spell. Zoya's Sooki, CND's Tabloid, Color Club's Rubies and Pearls, CND's Dark Secret, ChG's Seduce Me, DC's Blackberry...

  25. And I forgot, got a link for the chicken recipe? It looks delish!

  26. @Fingers - I know! I still catch the old episodes on the cooking channel (different from the food channel). I love darker reds too!

    @Crystal - I totally understand that. Pretty much any dark color + long nails and I feel like Vampira.

    @For Me, It Works... - That Orly is an awesome darker red!

    @Katy - Oh Sooki IS hot ... and a perfect name for a hooker. :P

    @Maribeth - Wait, you're not a lady of the night?! You could have fooled me. Jk, sheer whites are calming indeed! :D

    @Alaina - I love Zoya Blair I don't mind the darker shimmer reds at all! Gorgeous!

    @Janissa11 - Not loquacious at all ... just absolutely right! Why are reds with shimmer easier to wear? OPI's NRAW is a beauty!

    @Lendoxia - Aside from mentally preparing myself for the staining I will wear it over and over again.

    @Spitfire - Balls! Oil of Olay made nail polish?! You must elaborate.

    @Theomanic - ROFL ... damn I forgot my leopard shirt and skin tight black pants ... Peg Bundy style :P

    haha, I had a run in with a crack whore who made me iffy about blue nail polish for awhile.

    @Noelie - Considering you have PERFECT nails, you should definitely wear more red!

    @maisenzasmalto - YES 50's classic starlets! Very sexy! OMG I just fell over ... Essence is perpetrating the hooker stereotype ... Ready for Action ROFL!!!

    @Olivia - Jealous! I know you want to eat them too! I mean all that garlic is a good people deterrent. I can't wait to see red on you!!

    *sings* 'My, my how can I resist you'

    @Toyomi - Aww, thanks!

    @Angie - Oh stop, you are a sexy bish! Slap on some read and you will see, the tigress in you will come out! And thank you for the sweet compliment! - ROFL. Hilarious! Yes, jelly :D! And staining is sad ... I might have to triple basecoat next time!

    @Maria - Thanks Maria! I will have get in the glamour mind set ... and throw hooker out the window.

    @Helga - Aww, I'm sorry, but it's almost guaranteed it will leak its mark ... but it is so pretty!! As you say it's covered easily! :D

    @Rebecca Nazar - Oh I've never heard of that Sinful ... it's beautiful!!

    @Minta - OMG I need Essie Pama NOW!

    @♥beauxs mom - You are making me drool! I wonder it certain red pigments just penetrate through the bases.

    @Solveig - lol, Thanks! I've been meaning to pick up Thunderbird, but always talk myself out of it because I convince myself I have colors that are similar enough. Must re-evaluate ...

    @Sinead - You are one hot classy lady ;) I aspire to be more glamorous.

    @Sandi - I have a load of classic reds too and I should wear them more. I know the whole hooker thing is played out, but I think that stigma will never die, and I will certainly make fun of it till the day I die. :P

    Your list of faves is great! Stroll, Elle's Spell, Dark Secret, Seduce Me ... ARE ALL NON HOOKERISH! Now Sooki ... yeps, she's paroling the streets. :P

    Oh the wings ... easy peazy ...
    1. bake (or grill) frozen wings, then deep fry
    2. Mix a ton of crushed garlic + hot sauce. (add butter if you want them to be extra delicious)
    3. Mix wings and garlic sauce ... and gorge!

  27. OMG guys love red, what is that about?! lol

  28. I really do love this red on looks ESCANDALOSO.
    And I want to roll in those wings, spice burns be damned.

  29. @GothamPolish - Ya know ... they think they might get lucky :P

    @ChaosButterfly - LOL. Gracias mi amiga. OMG they were so good. As you roll, keep your eyes closed.

  30. I don't wear reds a whole lot but I own a few and really like them - I just have to have majorly short nails to sport the color (which doesn't happen often). Love this color though for the true redness of it. And - want those wings in my mouth.

  31. Love the wing pic...well, I actually love the wings. :)

    Ummm, don't have a lot of reds but I recently bought Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em which is a pinky red. It is fantastic. Wore it on shorter nails and kept it on for 1 week, I loved it so much. Got compliments on it.

    I also tried a Dior red in the store recently and loved it. Something about it spelled chic. It just felt like the French knew how to do red.

  32. - haha *frying wings*

    @Jule - Ooo that's a jelly ... you're speaking my language. I don't have that one yet, I'm waiting for a sale ;) Oh Dior ... sounds fantastic ... one day.

  33. I am a guy that gets pedicures every two weeks
    and I love wearing red polish on my toes. The girls
    that I work with tell me that I have "Hooker Red

    My favorite
    color is OPI Big Apple Red but your post has made
    me really want to try China Glaze Italian Red. I
    can't wait to try it on my toes at my next pedicure
    appointment. It is so pretty on your nails. Thank you
    for the recommendation.

  34. Oh awesome, rock on! LOL at Hooker Red Toenails :P

    ChG Italian Red is great. If you have warm tones in your skin, it will look great!

  35. Oh I had terrible staining with Rodeo fanatic too....same with OPI's The one that got away.
    About red polish, I like it on short or very short nails but never on long...looks too Joan Collins to me!

  36. haha Joan Collins, perfect! I feel slightly regal yet slutty!

  37. By the way, I really like your blog and videos. Thanks for the tip on making faux Zoya remove. I'm also a chemist (I teach chemistry) but had never thought of that before.

  38. Awww thanks greeneyespinknails!!! :D I love chem nerds ... because I am one!! :P